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Best Hormone Therapy Specialist in Helotes

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Best Hormone Therapy Specialist in Helotes

Hormones play a very important role in regulating major processes in the body. That means when you have a hormone imbalance, it can lead to some serious consequences.

Luckily, you don’t have to just accept the symptoms of hormone imbalance. That’s where hormone therapy comes into play. And if you’re ready to pursue hormone therapy, there’s no better choice than the best hormone therapy specialist in Helotes, Groov Wellness.

Hormone Therapy For Men

Some men experience a lower than normal level of testosterone in their bodies, leading to a hormone imbalance. Since testosterone is required for many functions in the body including building muscle and keeping up healthy levels of red blood cells, a low level of testosterone is typically associated with some unpleasant symptoms.

Men can experience a variety of symptoms of hormone imbalance including a lower sex drive, loss of muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and decrease hair growth or hair thinning.

Hormone therapy is a treatment option that can address the hormone imbalance in your body and alleviate these symptoms. Hormone therapy is available in several different options, including injections, patches, or gels.

Regardless of the type of hormone therapy, the goal of the treatment is to increase the man’s testosterone level and alleviate his symptoms.

Successful hormone replacement can lead to many significant benefits for men including a reduction of unwanted fat, an increase in sex drive, and improvements in muscle mass. Men interested in eliminating their hormone imbalance symptoms and living life to the fullest should contact Groov Wellness, the best hormone therapy specialist in Helotes.

Hormone Therapy For Women

Hormone therapy can be very effective for women, too.

In women, the symptoms of hormone imbalance are often different than they are for men. Women might experience weight changes, depression, hot flashes, loss of libido, or lack of energy when dealing with a hormone imbalance.

Hormone therapy is a way for women to address these symptoms and improve their overall well-being.

Many women choose to pursue hormone replacement therapy during menopause since this is the period when women’s bodies stop making as much estrogen. The decrease in estrogen level can lead to the symptoms mentioned earlier.

There are many benefits of using hormone replacement therapy to treat hormone imbalance in women. They may stop getting hot flashes and night sweats, sleep better, enjoy sex more, have a higher libido, and/or increase bone mass.

Overall, the main benefit of hormone therapy for women is that it can increase your quality of life significantly. The symptoms of hormone imbalance are unpleasant but they don’t have to be permanent.

Is Hormone Therapy Right for You?

To find out more about hormone imbalances and the difference hormone therapy can make, contact the best hormone therapy specialist in Helotes, Groov Wellness

We can help treat your symptoms of hormone imbalance and make a real change in your life. Don’t live with the uncomfortable and disheartening symptoms of hormone imbalance forever. Book an appointment online today.

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Get To Know More About Helotes, Texas

Interesting Facts

  • Helotes is home to the landmark John T. Floore Country Store, which is actually a dance hall (or honky tonk) that draws top country music talent including Willie Nelson who still plays the venue on occasion.
  • The name “Helotes” comes from the Spanish terms elotes and olotes, Americanized to Helotes, which means corn on the cob.
  • Helotes was always known for being a charming little farming community until recent years.

Notable Residents

  • Will Hurd – U.S. congressman
  • Brucene Smith – Miss International 1971
  • Carlos Uresti – Former Texas State Senator

Nearby Suburbs

  • Leon Valley, TX.
  • Leon Springs, TX.
  • Dominion, TX.

Public Transportation

VIA Metropolitan Transit – provides public transportation to the Greater San Antonio Region and is unique among its Texas peers in that it covers a large service area, serving a population that is socioeconomically disadvantaged, reporting low incomes and high reliance on public transit.


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