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Hormone Therapy Providers in Shavano Park

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Hormone Therapy Providers in Shavano Park

Hormone therapy is a treatment that can genuinely change people’s lives. For those dealing with symptoms of hormone imbalance, hormone therapy can alleviate those symptoms and give them their lives back.

To get all the benefits of hormone therapy, it’s important to choose from the best hormone therapy providers in Shavano Park, including Groov Wellness.

Choosing the right hormone therapy provider is an investment in your wellbeing.

What to Expect During Hormone Therapy Treatment

If you’ve never had hormone therapy treatment before, it’s normal to wonder what the process will be like. Luckily for you, hormone therapy is very simple and not overly uncomfortable.

There are several different forms of hormone therapy treatment but Groov offers hormone pellet therapy. The benefit of hormone pellet therapy is that it doesn’t cause the highs and lows associated with other testosterone and estradiol therapy. Once in your system, the pellets release the hormones into your system based on cardiac output.

When you come for your hormone pellet therapy appointment, you’ll check-in and then head back to a private room. There, a nurse will discuss the treatment with you and answer any questions you have. The next step is inserting the pellet. If you’re worried about pain, you’ll be glad to hear that the treatment itself is painless thanks to the use of local anesthesia.

Usually, you’ll start to notice the results from the therapy within a week or two.

How Often Do I Need Hormone Therapy Treatment?

That’s the process for your first appointment and all the following treatment appointments. To feel the full effects of the treatment, you will need to come back again for more hormone pellet treatment.

How often you’ll need to come back depends on several factors including whether you are male or female. Male patients will need to come back for more treatment once every six months while female patients will need treatment once every four months.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Much like the treatment schedule, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy are different for each person. The benefits for women are typically not the same as the benefits for men.

For men, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy include stronger muscles, a reduction of unwanted fat, and an improved sex drive.

For women, the benefits of hormone replacement therapy include more energy, higher sex drive, and increased bone mass.

The ultimate goal of hormone replacement therapy is to reduce the symptoms caused by hormone imbalances. If you show signs of hormone imbalances, the benefit of hormone replacement would be reducing or eliminating those symptoms.

Interested in Hormone Therapy?

If you notice signs of hormone imbalance and want to learn more about hormone therapy, Groov Wellness can help. As one of the top hormone therapy providers in Shavano Park, Groov Wellness is here to help.

Fill out our easy hormone test for men or hormone test for women to find out if hormone therapy is the right treatment option for you.

You can also book an appointment online today.

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Get To Know More About Shavano Park, Texas

Interesting Facts

  • The city of Shavano Park was incorporated on June 19, 1956. In 1961 its population was 343, and by 1966 it was 585.
  • Early on, Shavano Park had a store operated by A. De Zavala, who became postmaster when the Shavano post office opened in 1881.
  • In 2018, the City adopted “City Living with Country Charm” as its official slogan to celebrate this history.

Notable Residents

  • Tim Duncan – Athlete
  • Tommy Lee Jones – Actor
  • George Strait – Country Singer/Songwriter

Nearby Suburbs

  • Helotes, TX
  • Castle Hills, TX
  • Alamo Heights, TX

Public Transportation

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