Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of hormone therapy?

Hormone Therapy is very important when trying to live a well balanced life. This type of therapy can help improve your strength and vitality while optimizing your full energy potential! It will help improve mental clarity, increase libido, lessen stress, and deepen sleep.

2. How do I know if I need hormone therapy?

Before hormones are optimized you may be feeling a handful of symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulty sleeping at night, reduced mental focus and memory, mood swings, weight gain, decreased muscle strength, reduced sexual desire and performance.

3. What are hormone pellets?

Hormone pellet therapy is one of the treatments used for hormone imbalances. With pellets, a person doesn’t experience the highs and lows and inconsistency from other testosterone and estradiol therapy. The pellets are released into your bloodstream based on cardiac output, meaning the more active you are the more the hormone is released.

4. What are peptides?

Peptides are small strains of amino acids that help encourage the body to perform a natural function. We have peptides for hair, nails, skin, mood, memory, weight loss and more. They help get you to where you want to be.

5. What are the benefits of hormone pellets vs. hormone injections?

Hormone pellets are the most natural option and are considered to be bioidentical to the natural hormones found in the body. While hormone injections are a little less invasive they are more synthetic.

6. What happens during my in-office treatment for pellet insertion? Is the treatment painful?

When you come in for your pellet treatment you will first check in at the front desk. From there you will be taken back into a private room where the nurse practitioner will discuss with you the expectations and what you hope to achieve from receiving the treatment. The nurse practitioner will then prepare you for treatment and administer the pellet insertion. The treatment itself is pain free with the help of local anesthesia.

7. When will I feel the results of the hormone treatment?

Everyone is slightly different when it comes to how fast the effects will kick in. Generally, following your pellet insertion most people will feel results within 1-2 weeks.

8. How often will I need hormone pellet treatment?

It varies between males and females. Female patients will need to come in once every four months. Male patients will need to come in every six months. Ultimately, it is completely customized to you and your needs.

9. Is insurance accepted for hormone therapy?

Insurance is accepted for lab work, but it is not accepted for pellet insertion.