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What is menopause?


As you approach your late 30s, your ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone — the hormones that regulate menstruation — and your fertility declines. In your 40s, your menstrual periods may become longer or shorter, heavier or lighter, and more or less frequent, until eventually — on average, by age 51 — your ovaries stop releasing eggs, and you have no more periods. True menopause doesn’t happen until one year after your last menstrual period. Menopause can also be triggered by a hysterectomy or surgical removal of the ovaries, which produce hormones.  


Some women don’t have any trouble with menopausal symptoms and may even feel relieved when they no longer need to worry about painful periods or getting pregnant. Some women can have mild to severe symptoms, and it varies from person to person. 


For other women, menopause can bring hot flashes, trouble sleeping, brain fog, pain during sex, mood changes and irritability, depression, or a combination of these symptoms. During menopause the body begins to use energy differently, fat cells change, and women may gain weight more easily and have a much harder time losing the weight; it even becomes more difficult to build muscle. 


Each woman’s menopause symptoms and experience are different, and here at Groov we can help alleviate the many symptoms associated with menopause. Yes, menopause is a normal part of aging, but not feeling yourself is not normal and we can help here at Groov Wellness.


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