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Have you heard the news? 

The latest way that celebrities maintain their beauty and boost their overall immune system involves an IV drip, and it’s a lot more casual procedure than you might think. 

IV therapy or IV vitamin therapy is used for its health and wellness benefits, thanks to unique cocktails of vitamins and minerals that deliver straight into the bloodstream by way of an IV drip. It might sound odd, but the appeal of this type of treatment for celebs and everyday patients alike is that it’s a fast and relatively affordable way to boost immune systems, beat hangovers, and more! 

If you’re curious to know what people like Adele and Chrissy Tegein get out of these immune-boosting concoctions, here are three benefits of IV therapy that you need to know about: 

1. It’s a guaranteed way to receive medication or nutrients, and the effects are immediate. 

Because IV drip is administered directly into the bloodstream, your body can properly absorb the nutrients, and quickly at that. Most patients feel a noticeable difference in their energy levels or immune system after treatment, so no waiting around for things to kick in! 

2. It can be used to prep and help the body through recovery pre and post-surgery. 

Ensuring that the body has the proper nutrients it needs before and after surgery is essential for lowering the risk of complications, and IV therapy is an excellent way to deliver those crucial nutrients. 

IV vitamin drips that include nutrients like vitamin C, glutathione, and complex vitamin B play a major in the prep and healing process, making IV therapy a great option for anyone who wants to strengthen their body before and after procedures. 

3. It’s a fast way to boost energy levels. 

Who isn’t battling with fatigue these days? 

If you’re currently dealing with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, or an illness, IV therapy can give your body the energy boost it needs by using essential nutrients in a procedure that takes less than an hour! 

Is IV therapy right for you? 

Whether you’re interested in IV therapy for its health or beauty benefits, schedule your appointment! Give the Groov Wellness team a call at 210-664-2221, or learn more about our specific treatments here: